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EazyStock: Inventory Optimization Made Simple

Are you an SMB looking to take control of your inventory, lower costs, and automate purchasing? As the leading, cloud-based inventory optimization solution, EazyStock is tailormade for your organization’s supply chain.

Use this ERP add-on to help you improve service levels, save money on inventory costs, and win back time from automating manual, inefficient processes—in as few as 3-6 months after connecting to your ERP system.

How does EazyStock accomplish this?

  • Calculates pattern-driven demand forecasts to improve planning accuracy across all your inventory.
  • Generates optimal inventory parameters, such as buffer stock, order levels, and order quantities—even across multiple locations.
  • Produces both standard and customized KPI dashboards for a quick overview of service levels and inventory distribution.
  • Tracks all your marketing and sales campaigns that impact your demand and stocking decisions.

Factum: Helping You Make an Informed Decision

As a consultancy that’s worked with SMBs and enterprises across industries, Factum is adept at understanding and addressing even the most complex business needs. We’ve seen your supply chain problems in many different contexts, and we have the knowledge and experience to solve them.

Inventory optimization solutions like EazyStock help you get a handle on the many challenging aspects of managing inventory and maintaining service levels to grow your bottom line.

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  • Determine whether EazyStock is right for your organization.
  • How to move forward.

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