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They say that time flies in life. And business is no exception.

This month marks Factum’s 5th year in business. Five years that passed by so quickly. Five years of delivering exceptional results for the very best clients. Five years of growing, expanding, improving, and learning.

We’ve grown. Naturally, as we served more clients over the years, we brought on new consultants who were excited to work on impactful projects for the likes of Fortune 100 companies. But we’ve also been bolstered with new team members who focus on Factum’s operations. In this way, we ensure our business is sustainable and clients can remain confident in our ability to help them for the long term.

We’ve expanded. On our service offering that is. Last year, we took a long, hard look at how we were communicating our capabilities publicly. We realized what we said we offered was extremely limited compared to what we actually offered. So, we took the time to provide a more accurate reflection of our capabilities.

We’ve improved. Whether you look at what Factum was like five years ago, or even last year, we’ve gotten better. We’ve always held a firm belief in continuous improvement. You lose your edge otherwise!

We’ve learned. And we wanted to share the knowledge and insights we’ve gained over not only the past five years in business, but in the decades of collective experience of all our team. That’s why we started Insights, a collection of thought pieces surrounding the subjects we know best and that our clients will find valuable.

Lastly, thanks to all our clients for trusting in us over the past five years to help your organizations be better at what you do best.

Here’s to five more years. (And five more after that!)


From the desk of Nichole Fuller, COO at Factum.