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Of Partnering, Sharing, and Giving Back (Factum's 2017 Review) - Factum Consulting Ltd. | Boutique Consultancy with Global Expertise
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An article published recently discussed the passage of time and why it seems with every year time passes more quickly. It made several points, including how technology is enabling a faster pace of life and how the wider variety and more availability of pastimes consumes œspare time and serves to keep us occupied and entertained.

But it also included more human points: That time spent being happy and motivated creates more memories and means we focus less on how much time has elapsed, both of which contribute to a feeling of time being well spent, but passing quickly.

Although time is a constant our comprehension of time does not reflect that.

The article struck a chord with me, as at the time of writing this, Factum is just concluding its 5th year in business, which is both a milestone in terms of achievement, but also in marking the considerable passing of time.

The phenomenon of accelerated time feels more acute with each anniversary, and as we as a business look forward to our 6th year, both figuratively and emotionally, it is also a good opportunity to slow down a bit and take in the view, so things don’t go whizzing by without proper appreciation and acknowledgement.

So bear with me as I stroll down 2017 Memory Lane a little.

Partnering and Growing

I’ll start with a few business highlights.

We were able to create new working partnerships with organisations in the logistics space, enabling them to attain their ambitious software selection goals and broadening our horizons. We also rejuvenated some older relationships in the energy sector, providing them with documentation and companion capabilities regarding complex drilling equipment.

These have been positive experiences for us, whether catching up with people and the changes in their lives since we last met, or making new colleagues and becoming a new part of their lives.

In addition, as a result of our new business, we were able to grow our capability. We added new team members in client engagement roles such as consulting, software development, and systems support, but also our internal operations and administration.

This success also provided us with the opportunity to be recognized publicly. As part of the 2017 UK IT Industry Awards, both Factum and I were shortlisted in two subcategories. For Factum, it was Supplier or VAR of the Year. For me, it was CIO of the Year.

And though we ultimately did not win, being shortlisted among dozens of other entities and well-deserving professionals made us quite proud. Our shortlist status was only bettered by being in the company of several well-respected organisations at the awards evening.

Learning and Sharing

Now, let’s get a bit philosophical.

This past year saw our thought leadership increase. We put together a number of interesting and thought-provoking articles on our blog Factum Insights, covering industries and topics from energy to healthcare to market happenings as well as shared our perspective and insights.

In particular, our market analysis of the trends in U.S. healthcare was well received. We had over 1,000 interested site visitors to our companion pieces on the nursing shortage, antimicrobial resistance, and big data’s applicability in healthcare.

Also, by attending events in both our core industries and new areas, we have been able to better understand the challenges and opportunities faced by our current and potential clients. From our COO’s attendance at CTRM Conference 2017 in Europe to our business development manager’s attendance at OTC 2017 in Houston, we’ve gained important market knowledge we’ve already begun incorporating into our offering.

Continual improvement is not just a concept for us. It is something we practice every day.

Appreciating and Giving Back

Saving the best for last”philanthropy.

The addition of new clients and staff afforded us the opportunity to increase our contributions to charities and the communities we live and work in. And while we regularly give back to our communities in one form or another, unfortunate events in one of our two headquarter cities compelled us to donate accordingly.

Houston was impacted severely by Hurricane Harvey in the fall, and even now many are still recovering. In doing our part, we donated to JJ Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund and asked that others donate as well. Thankfully, there was an outpouring of support in the form of multiple charities and support groups from around Houston, around the country, and even around the globe.

In instances like these, it’s always incredibly heartwarming to see individuals and businesses give of themselves to help others.

But, in the true spirit of #HoustonStrong, Houstonians rebounded and regrouped. Just two months after Harvey, Houston saw a huge win in its homegrown baseball all-stars, the Astros. For the first time in their franchise history, the Houston Astros won the World Series, giving a much-needed reason to celebrate across the city.

Final Thoughts

At this time of year, websites, social channels, and inboxes are full of year-end messages, growth projections, profit reports, and objectives. Sure, we have all of those at Factum, but when it comes to looking at what consumed our time in 2017”what gave us memories and what made our team happy”we feel the above message is a much better way of recognising them.

As for 2018, we look forward to more of the same. The even faster passing of time arising from creating positive memories and memorable experiences.