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Maybe you missed out and want a recap. Or perhaps you attended and just want to reminisce. Either way, we’ve produced this brief wrap-up of CTRM Conference 2016 for you!

The Reception

As reception sponsors, we had the pleasure of getting to meet and greet a large portion of the attendees the evening before the actual event. A definite treat, and a heartfelt thank you to each attendee who took the time to speak with our COO Nichole Fuller. (FYI, don’t forget to connect with her on LinkedIn!)


With the mix of mid- and senior-level managers (and even C-suite members), mingling and discussion were not only enjoyable, but intriguing. Participants provided their thoughts, opinions, and theories about the CTRM space and upcoming events of the next day. But there was also great friendliness and humor, which provided for a wonderful evening.



Of course, attendees found additional value in the reception: It provided a great atmosphere for what we’re calling œnetworking prep time. Everyone was able to identify who at the reception was the most appropriate person(s) to engage with during and between events the next day.


The Main Event

All we can say is this: The conference delivered as promised.

No surprise given that it was hosted by ComTech Advisory, an independent organization with decades of experience in the CTRM space. Value was packed into every hour of the conference, even down to the panels. They were informative and engaging because panel members challenged one another constructively and contributed their thoughts respectfully.

And coincidentally enough, many of the topics discussed at the conference were reminiscent of an article written by our managing director Andrew de Bray. œMake Do and Mend was featured in the 5th edition of Harrington Starr’s The FinTech Capital publication and provided his insights on making the best with what’s available, especially when markets aren’t performing at their best.

You can also check out ComTech Advisory’s takeaways (and photos) here.

We hope every attendee found the conference valuable and enjoyable (especially the reception!) and look forward to continuing discussions started at the hotel.

Missed out on speaking with Nichole, or want to get in contact with us? Reach out here: