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While many professional events are focused on networking, there are those focused more on knowledge sharing, providing attendees with important insights regarding their industry. The Argus Americas Crude Summit 2017, which was held last week here in Houston, was certainly the latter.

If you were fortunate enough to make it to the summit, we’re sure your head is still swimming from all the valuable information packed into the three-day event. However, for those who couldn’t make it, we’d like to share some insights (condensed version) our business development manager David picked up during a few of the presentations:

  • Crude markets are expected to be fickle over the next 18 months or so, with a possible initial rise, followed by a slight correction later on
  • Focus will be on rebalancing, as the last several years have allowed for reserves from unconventional areas to be stored
  • Latin America is still looking at a production shortfall
  • Transportation costs still look to be low
  • Shaky geopolitical climates need to be watched to protect assets and resources in some regions
  • New US administration should be ┼ôproduction-friendly┬Ł

While we always love building our network, Factum is committed to ongoing participation and education in industry events. Being aware of the trends in our clients’ industries ensures we’re able to employ our capabilities from a knowledgeable standpoint.

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