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OTC 2017 has come and gone, and with it plenty of innovative ideas and energy (pun intended). Spread out across four main areas, attendees were welcomed to a wide assortment of displays, demoed technology, and some of the best food trucks Houston has to offer.

The weather ended up working out just fine”no real rain, and nothing too sweltering. The Astros put on a nice show for those able to take in a ballgame. And yours truly got to take a peek at the inside of a transmission capable of withstanding over 2,000 horsepower. (Thanks, ZF!)

All in all, there were over 64,000 attendees (22% international) and 2,470 exhibitors taking advantage of over half a million square feet. Folks were able to participate in discussions and workshops focusing on offshore energy production, diversity in the industry, climate change, and other environmental issues.

The presence of staffing companies was not to be ignored: The industry is preparing for the next 18 months, and hiring for upcoming projects was the main focus. (See our own managing director quoted concerning the importance of job-seekers attending OTC in Houston Chronicle’s FuelFix publication on page 2.)

As always, we attend events such as these not only to œrub elbows with clients, but also to stay informed about the industry. And whether you’re looking to upgrade or move to a new enterprise-level software system, collaborating with a custom manufacturer for oilfield services, or in need of other advisory services, Factum brings to the table a well-rounded background of expertise that can be the objective voice of reason to ensure success on your next project.

P.S. If you read our previous post about preparing for OTC, you may be curious: Did Factum take its own advice? Yes, we did!

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